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Steven Milanov for COO.

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"PUNK 4:34"

I was hoping WWE would make a limited edition t-shirt for CM Punk’s historic 434 day WWE title reign mocking “Austin 3:16” as a way to start up a feud leading to a match at WrestleMania 30, that didn’t happen, so I took it upon myself to make them. If you buy one, it won’t guarenteee that Punk/Austin will happen at Mania but you will look pretty damn good!



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YOU FAILED, _grizzly_o!

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The only thing this fat overrated guy is good for.

Your twitter header is a collage of Triple H, your argument is invalid.

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You are a special snow flake, qureaux12v34, not another has the same shape as you.

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*throws up in mouth a little bit*

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Does anyone know where Balogun Adenekan’s Jeff Hardy is? I think he lost it…

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I’ve always loved the intro to Brock Lesnar’s entrance music, but it’s not 2002 anymore. Allow me to introduce you to the NEW introduction to Jim Johnston’s “Here Comes The Pain”!