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You tell ‘em, Ronald!

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What about Whyitt or Roads?

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Mark Henry didn't even know people were getting released when he tweeted that. He was taking about his birthday
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He also started retweeting other people’s douchey tweets insulting Curt and even went as far as to say something along the lines of “we can settle this now or i know where you live” before deleting it. He played into it, which was wrong.

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Doesn’t give him the right to be a douche. Also in 30 years no one will remember the cup of coffee run (eh, walk…he’ll probably injure himself for the 100th time if he runs) he had as World Champ, they’ll be chanting “Sexual Chocolate” and laughing about the hand baby he had with Mae Young. I like Mark Henry, but fuck, no need to be an asshole when you have had less than a handful of memorable moments in almost 20 years of being in WWE.

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Steven Milanov for COO.

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"PUNK 4:34"

I was hoping WWE would make a limited edition t-shirt for CM Punk’s historic 434 day WWE title reign mocking “Austin 3:16” as a way to start up a feud leading to a match at WrestleMania 30, that didn’t happen, so I took it upon myself to make them. If you buy one, it won’t guarenteee that Punk/Austin will happen at Mania but you will look pretty damn good!



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YOU FAILED, _grizzly_o!

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The only thing this fat overrated guy is good for.

Your twitter header is a collage of Triple H, your argument is invalid.

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You are a special snow flake, qureaux12v34, not another has the same shape as you.